From the eTechTV Time Machine - Marty Q & Bobby Pickett Live 1996

Thursday, 02 March 2017 13:14

21 years ago I produced a live music video featuring the very talented Marty Q and Bobby Pickett at the Downtown Cafe in Bristol, Connecticut. Marty Q is an International Recording Artist selling music to more than 1 Million people worldwide.  Marty is a Pop/Rock and Jazz Singer/Songwriter, Saxophonist and Guitarist. He was voted New Haven County's Best Local Musician 4 times and has reached #12 on Billboard Airplay charts with his hit song "Table for 2" in the Smooth Jazz Genre.  You can learn more about Marty at MartyQ.Net

Equally talented is Bobby Pickett, who plays the guitar, harmonica and is also a very talented vocalist.  At the time of this video, Marty and Bobby had  produced and performed their famous CD entitled Brainforest  which consisted of all original music with many of the songs they produced and performed that are in this live video. Today Bobby has branched out adding another musical instrument to his arsenal, the electric fiddle.  Bobby continues to write and perform today, 21 years later.

Out of the 100+ shows that I produced in my first five seasons,  this was my chance to produce a live event outside the normal technology based shows I was hosting and producing.  Looking back, it's pretty amazing how much technology has changed since then.  When this video was produced in 1996, there was no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.  The Internet was pretty much dial up, Broadband was not quite in the picture yet, and we were using Super VHS tapes in the cameras.  We did however have digital editing using an Avid digital editing system  to perform most of the editing functions.

This event could have never been pulled off without the great production crew I had.  One of my three awards in my five initial seasons was for this video.  Special thanks for the production crew that helped pull off this event.

Executive Producer

  • Rich Garboski


  • Aaron Paris
  • Dan Morrison

Camera Operators

  • Wilson Jordan
  • Mark Ciarlo
  • James Pina

Technical Engineer/Audio

  • Al Coles


  • Rich Garboski
  • Aaron Paris
  • Dan Morrison
  • Lisa Leary-Lowry

Crowd Warmer/MC

  • Lisa Leary Lowry

Enjoy the show and feel free to share this video! Were talking about a reunion show so stay tuned.


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