Coming August 2020: eTechTV For Business Podcast Ft. Tim Reid

Wednesday, 10 June 2020 19:41
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Rich Garboski & Tim Reid From eTechTV  Discuss the history of the 60 Hudson Street Data Center in New York City Rich Garboski & Tim Reid From eTechTV Discuss the history of the 60 Hudson Street Data Center in New York City

eTechTV announces the official launch of the eTechTV for Business podcast, coming to eTechTV in August 2020.  The podcast will be an ongoing series of news, commentary, video content, and audio podcasts with a mission of keeping businesses informed on all aspects of technology for business applications.  The shows target audience are typically business owners, managers, C Suite executives, technical staff and others in business that want to learn more and keep up to speed about business technology. The show is delivered in an easy going format we call edu-tainment. 

The podcast produced and hosted by Rich Garboski, and will feature IT enterprise infrastructure expert, Tim Reid who has 25+ years experience in the design, installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN, and VoIP infrastructure and security.  Tim has been an IT Manager and Infrastructure Executive bringing senior network engineering and management skills utilized in various industries including Municipal Government, Health Care, HVAC, Education and Construction. Tim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Security from WGU Texas and also has numerous certifications in Information Systems networking and security from CompTia, Fortinet, Cisco, Microsoft as well as special certifications in VoIP technology.

The Series is currently in production with segments releasing in early July. The show will be available via the eTechTV website and will be syndicated through numerous web, mobile, OTT, social media, and other syndicated outlets.  Sponsorship opportunities are available for to support upcoming segments of eTechTV for Business.  Companies in the technology space that wish to support upcoming segments of eTechTV for Business can learn more about sponsorship and partnering opportunities on our sponsorship page at eTech.TV/Sponsors.

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